Dear friend,

One night, God spoke me and said, "Vincenzo, you're going to serve me." It was a clear, audible voice. This voice, although it was only a child, left a deep mark in my life. Over the years I have learned to respond to that voice and I began to follow the command that God gave to my life. And I will continue to do so until the last breath of my life.

For fifteen years we are sowing the Word of God free and freely. We visit many countries in Europe, Sud America and over, sowing with our own resources and our efforts so that more souls can be saved and more church can be exhorted, consolated and edified especially reformed and transformed. Today we have many testimonies from people who have accepted Jesus, who have been healed or transformed during a conference or a mission trip.

God is calling his church to a radical transformation, to return to the foundations of the Word of God to rebuild the body of Christ. In a word God is calling his Church to a "APOSTOLIC TRANSFORMATION".

God's strategy for this apostolic transformation also includes you and unites us as one body, the body of Christ, so that together we can obey the Great Commission to make "disciples of Jesus, baptizing them and teaching them to keep all that Christ Has commanded".

We are working to bring the church to love God with all their heart, with all their soul and with all their mind, and to love the neighbor as itself so that each believer becomes a minister, a light for the nations. This is our command that God is confirming with the demonstration of his supernatural power.

With a small contribution you will respond to the call of God to go and share the Gospel quickly in Italy and to the ends of the earth. You are reading this page because God is calling you today to participate in this expansion and to bring your supernatural power from person to person, from house to house, from city to city, from country to country. God wants this gospel of the kingdom to be preached in all places, so that no one is lost. God wants to transform, heal, revive, renew and prosper his people.

This was the call that God gave me years ago and to which I have responded: "Yes". God gives you this same call today!

Through your voluntary donation you, like many others, will be with me a participant in the apostolic mission that God has entrusted to me. With your voluntary donation you will contribute to the expenses of the media (internet, radio and other media), apostolic travel, founding new churches, prophetic schools and ministerial training, conferences, evangelistic crosses, making it possible to share And spread the wonders of our God. Their support and contribution will be the pillars that allow us to achieve this common goal together.

Join us in this moment and it will be part of what God is doing and will do, to demonstrate his supernatural power in the world.

       Apostle Vincenzo Petrarca
Ministry "Luce delle Nazioni" Funder

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    IBAN: IT40 L030 3274 7910 1000 0000 367
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