Apostol Vincenzo Petrarca, Pastor Mariapia Petito.

In short our history

His call in a young age directly from the God who calls audible when he pray beside the bed. After this esperience, attend Catholic charismatic prayer movements and develop a strong relationship with God. In the 1998 he received the message of salvation and converts began attending the evangelical church.

On 25th December, 1998, after only three months after his conversion is baptized in water. Immediately begins to serve the Lord for the first time in music and then as leader of the youth which manifests a passion for prayer. The Lord manifests through his life working in an unusual maniera with healing, releases and powerful manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In 2004, for a vision of God, he helped found a new church in San Nicola la Strada (CE) - Italia. In 2007 he founded and gave life to the ministry "Light of Nations" working in collaboration with several churches and holding conferences, seminars, schools and prophetic teaching about the gifts of the Spirit.

Since 2008 began the first missionary trips abroad and in September 2010 left his job as an entrepreneur to devote full time to the work of God without any support of economic nature. Since then, God confirms their loyalty by guaranteeing every day for every need. Since late 2010, the Ministry assumes an apostolic and prophetic vision for the world arriving in Venezuela, Perù, Spain, Canary Islands.

Since 2013, the work returns as a priority in Italy, where in September founded the Centro Apostolico LDN Light for the Nations in Parete (CE) - Italia. In 2014, recognizes the apostle Antonio Selma padernidad the King of Kings of Valencia Church and then in 2014 born the LDN Apostolic Revival Center in Sannicola (LE) - Italia.

Since 2014, the churches are in qualitative and quantitative growth, living and experiencing a deep presence of the Holy Spirit at each meeting. Now the new challenge is to bring this revival and this transformation in every Italian city also through the use of multimedia and communication.

Mariapia He is married, has two children and carries out his ministry in Italy and abroad teaching, exhorting, consoling, and edifying the church accompanied by the power of God. His desire is to see every believer grow, mature and enter the qual ministry God has called and properly develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit.